Feb 25, 2014


Nazca Lines Aerial Tours: A Great Way to Begin or End Your Next Peru Trip

NazcaLines Spider

Designated as a World Heritage Site in 1994, the Nazca Lines are a set of ancient biomorphs and geoglyphs in the desert of Southern Peru. These enigmatic geoglyphs were created thousands of years ago by an ancient tribe for reasons that remain unclear even to this day. Several historians have suggested that these enormous lines etched into the surface of the desert represent an ancient civilization attempting to communicate with a mysterious celestial force.

The Nazca Lines range in complexity from simple geometric shapes such as lines, spirals, and trapezoids to elaborate anthropomorphic designs of stylized monkeys, fish, whales, sharks, lizards, and other creatures. Perhaps the most famous of these puzzling designs are the spider, the hummingbird, and a mysterious human-like figure often referred to as “the astronaut.”

Aerodiana and LC Perú, two small Lima-based airline companies, offer specialty Nazca Lines Aerial Tours. These aerial tours offer passengers an exceptional vantage point, and the pilots go to great lengths to make sure that everyone on board has a clear view of geoglyphs. During the tour, the expert pilots explain the history of the figures and shed light on the many different theories surrounding the purpose of their creation.

If you’re interested in visiting the Nazca Lines Aerial Tours, we can arrange one, two, or three-day trip extensions that can easily be added to the beginning or end of your next Peru trip. For more information about Nazca over flights, email us at info@exploreparagon.com.