Mar 3, 2015


Huayoccari Restaurant: Private Lunch at a Historic Hacienda in the Sacred Valley

The Verandah of a Private, 17th Century Peruvian Hacienda

The Huayoccari Hacienda is a private estate located down a dirt road that shoots off from the main highway between Pisac and Urubamba. This historic estate in the Urubamba Valley formerly belonged to the Lámbarra Orihuela family and dates back to the 17th century.

Huayoccari Mansion Art Exhibition

Huayoccari Mansion Art Exhibition

A Step Back in Time

In recent years, the owners have opened the gates to a limited number of guests enabling visitors to “step back in time” to this historic Peruvian estate. The former ranch house now serves as a private museum containing an eclectic collection of Peruvian pottery dating back to pre-Columbian times. Each of the rooms at the main house is organized according to the era of Andean history that the artifacts within represent. The pottery within is actually quite impressive, and it is evident that the owners have good taste.

Lunch at Huayocarri Restaurant

Gardens at Huayoccari Hacienda

Gardens at Huayoccari Hacienda

Though Sacred Valley horseback riding excursions and other activities can be arranged, the majority of guests visit this secluded Peruvian ranch to enjoy a meal at the Huayocarri Restaurant.

Lunch takes place at the historic mansion beside the pottery compilation and the beautifully flowered gardens. The house itself is snuggled into a forest of Eucalyptus and Piconay trees and offers superb views of the surrounding countryside. From the back terrace, you can even see the Urubamba River meandering through the valley towards Machu Picchu.

Upon arrival at your private table, you are treated with a freshly prepared Pisco Sour and are then presented with the daily specials, many of which feature authentic Peruvian cuisine infused with organic ingredients homegrown on the estate. The four-course menu varies day-to-day, but does consistently feature some of their staple entrées such as lomo saltado and fresh trout from the Sacred Valley.

View of the Huayoccari Hacienda

View from the Huayoccari Hacienda

All in all, lunch at the Huayoccari Restaurant is a tasteful, privileged Sacred Valley dining experience that you simply won’t find anywhere else in the area. Though lunch is a bit on the pricey side, this is a first-class experience worth every nuevo sol. For this reason, we include a visit to the Huayocarri Restaurant after exploring Pisac on our Andean Explorer Luxury Tour and many other Custom Peru Tours.