Mar 6, 2015

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Peruvian Barbecue & Paso Horse Demonstration

Chef Prepares Peruvian Barbecue at Wayra Ranch

Chef Prepares Peruvian Barbecue at Wayra Ranch

Wayra Ranch

Wayra Ranch is a small property located beside Sol y Luna Resort just outside of the town of Urubamba. The owners of Wayra Ranch have gained international notoriety for their creativity, unique design concepts, and outstanding dedication to service in the local community.

The Peruvian Barbecue Experience

The barbecue lunch at Wayra Ranch takes place on the garden-view terrace located across the field from the stable. Like the majority of the culinary experiences at Wayra Ranch, the Peruvian Barbecue Lunch features great food and unique entertainment. In this case, guests are able to witness a live Peruvian Paso horse demonstration.

This unique Sacred Valley lunch begins with the drink of your choice and a delicious salad of greens, often a pleasant change of pace since fresh, tasty greens can be hard to come by in the Cusco area. Appetizers are then brought to the table including hot, flaky empanadas and crispy Andean corn baked to perfection.

Andean Potatoes Wayra RestaurantPaso horses prepare for horse showGuests at Peruvian Barbecue at Wayra Ranch

Guests are then served a medley of grilled meats including chicken, pork, beef, and fresh trout, all seasoned and marinated in traditional Cuzqueñan style. One of our personal favorite entrées is the braised beef heart served on a skewer. Though it’s a bit of a courageous endeavor to eat, it is nothing compared to the cüy served during the pachamanca at Wayra Ranch.

Dancing during Peruvian Paso Horse Show in the Sacred Valley

Dancing During the Peruvian Paso Horse Show in the Sacred Valley

As dessert is served, the qoriilazos (Cuzqueñan cowboys) appear on the lush green lawn mounted on horseback and decked out in linen, marking the beginning of the famous Peruvian Paso Horse Demonstration. This authentic Peruvian Horse Show is an incredible exhibition of passion, order, and elegant sophistication, and sheds light on the influence of the Spanish in the Peruvian Highlands. Watching the colorful exhibition in the forefront of immense Andean peaks as you eat your dessert is undoubtedly one of the most unique culinary experiences you will find anywhere in Peru.