About Us

Paragon Expeditions specializes in unique Small Group Luxury Tours and Private Travel itineraries to Peru and Patagonia.


Each of our handcrafted itineraries features stays in luxurious and charismatic lodgings, authentic cultural experiences, and intriguing trip experts that enrich the journey through insightful presentations and engaging discussions. Furthermore, each of our Small Group Tours and Expeditions has a philanthropic component structured into the itinerary that enables travelers to contribute to meaningful projects that will have lasting positive impacts in the local area.

Here’s what Paragon Expeditions can do for you:

  • Provide you with unique and authentic Small Group Luxury Tours and Private Travel experiences to Peru or Patagonia on set departure dates.
  • Create a custom, tailor-made Private Travel itinerary to Peru or Patagonia for you and your traveling companions on the dates of your choice.
  • Introduce you to extraordinary landscapes, unique cultural traditions, mind-boggling historical sites, and incredible people.
  • Help you capitalize on your experience by offering our expert advice and useful recommendations.
  • Provide you with unparalleled service and personal access to the CEO/ Founder of the company.
  • Allow you to give back to the place you visit through carefully designed giving back initiatives

Here, on the other hand, is what we cannot help you with:

  • Booking flights, individual hotels, or standalone tour services.
  • Providing you with a cheap, cookie-cutter tour with no true value or originality.

Through our experience we’ve found that beyond everything else you want to rest assured that your travel provider has an intimate knowledge of the place you’ll be traveling to, and that you will actually receive the world-class experience that you’re paying for. We’ve spent months upon months carefully developing our Peru and Patagonia itineraries, personally touring hotels and lodges, exploring remote villages, hand selecting the finest guides in the country, and making sure that the logistics of our itineraries are meticulously planned out ahead of time. Learn more about us by contacting a member of the Paragon team.


Ryan Weaver photographing wildlife in Tanzania (Press And Media Release)Founder & CEO

Ryan Weaver

Ryan Weaver is a world traveler, fly-fisherman, mountaineer, and expert geographer with a passion for delivering the most extraordinary travel itineraries to Peru on the market. In 2009, during one of his many journeys to exotic destinations around the world, Ryan visited Peru with his father and his cousin. He fell in love with the people, the history, the mountains, and the profoundly spiritual aura of the Peruvian Andes. Since then, Ryan has returned to Peru on multiple occasions to personally seek out the very best guides, experiences, and luxury lodges that this beautiful Andean country has to offer. In 2012, Ryan launched Paragon Expeditions, a luxury tour operator specifically designed to provide authentic luxury expeditions to Peru and Patagonia for high-end travelers looking for a travel company that they can trust.

Your experience in the Andes is my passion. If you have any questions or uncertainties about your expedition, you can call me personally.Ryan