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Mar 22, 2014

Inti Raymi – “The Festival of the Sun”

Parade, festival, religious ceremony, historical reenactment, an echo of Inca mythology, and one big gigantic party; Inti Raymi is the embodiment of a city, a people, and the tangible evidence of their thriving culture in the 21st century. In honor and worship of the Incan sun god Apu Inti Tayta,... Read More ›

Feb 18, 2013

Visiting Patagonia for the First Time

Visiting Patagonia I have always been fascinated by frontiers. I’ve spent hours spinning the globe, rubbing my calloused fingertips across the desolate stretches of the earth: Alaska, the Kalahari, Tibet, Siberia, the Sahara, the Australian Outback. Something about these vast, wild expanses of earth captivates me. Yet one place has... Read More ›