Bariloche and the Lake District

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Nestled into Argentina’s Lake District along the shores of Lago Nahuel Huapi, this beautiful Patagonian ski town is a hub for outdoor sports and the gateway to Argentina’s wild south. The lofty peaks of Cerros Catedral, López, and Nireco line the horizon, creating postcard-caliber views around every corner.

Alpine Character

Reminiscent of the European Alps, the Argentine Lake District has an undeniable Alpine charm. Originally founded by German settlers who crossed from Chile, Bariloche and the surrounding area have such a close resemblance to the Alps that the region is often referred to as the Switzerland of South America.

Outdoor Sports

While the city itself is a beautiful place to visit, most travelers use Bariloche as a base to explore Nahuel Huapi and surrounding natural areas. In both summer and winter, there are hundreds of excursions available to travelers, and this area is truly a mecca for adventure travel.

Along with Ushuaia, Bariloche is considered one of the premiere ski and snowboard destinations in Argentina. Some years, snowfall has been known to exceed six feet at the surrounding ski resorts. While skiing is undoubtedly the most popular activity during the winter months, there is also snowmobiling, ice trekking, and a variety of other adventures available during this time.

In summer months, the nature buffs arrive, hitting the parks and surrounding natural areas to hike, fly-fish, mountain bike, and ride horses. This area has been a long time favorite vacation area for porteños and Argentinos from throughout the country.

Chocolate Shops

This is also the chocolate capital of Argentina, and probably all of South America for that matter. Like Rocky Mountain towns on an even grander scale, chocolate shops line the streets of Bariloche with many offering free samples to passerby’s.

Bariloche Practical Information:

As the entrance to the Argentine Lake District, Bariloche has become a popular hub for both domestic and international tourists alike. For the vast majority of travelers, Bariloche is the entryway to other Lake District destinations, such as Villa la Angostura, San Martín de los Andes, and El Bolsón.

For visitors venturing several hours from the city, we recommend spending your first and last nights in Bariloche so that you can easily access the airport or bus terminal. Another option is to stay at one of the nearby lodges on the Llao Llao Peninsula or another region on the outskirts of town.