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Chicha and Sapo at a Local Andean Chichería

Drink chicha and play sapo at the humble abode of the Chichería Descanso corn-beer brewery.

Drink Chicha at Corn-Beer Breweries

Are you a big fan of breweries? Well you’ve probably never experienced anything like this! This experience takes you to a small, family-owned local corn-beer brewery in the heart of the Urubamba Valley. Here farmers throughout the Sacred Valley come to pick up fresh, homemade corn beer, or chicha. Pale yellow (chicha de jora) or dark purple (chicha morada) and simultaneously sweet and stout, chicha has been the go-to alcoholic beverage for indigenous communities throughout the Andes since pre-Columbian times.

Chichería Descanso

During the visit to Chichería Descanso, you will be treated as guests in the brewers personal home. You will learn about the fermentation and distillation process from one of the most respected chicha brewers in the entire valley. After the demonstration, you will be able to play sapo (a local Andean game that involves tossing a washer into a frog’s mouth) while you enjoy a glass of homemade chicha.  Upon special request, we can include a lunch prepared at the chichería featuring cüy (guinea pig) and other Andean delicacies.

If you’re a “when in Rome” type of traveler in search of the authentic experience, this is for you. Even Anthony Bourdain would give this one two thumbs up!

Chicha at a Local Andean Chicheria (1)
Playing Sapo at Chicheria Descanso
Chicha de Jora at El Descanso Chicheria