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Meet The Q’eros & Learn About Traditional Andean Music with Ethnomusicologist Holly Wissler

Meet the Q'eros and enjoy a musical celebration of life.

Q’eros Quechua Communities

Widely regarded as the most traditional people in the Peruvian Highlands, the Q’eros Quechua communities have managed to maintain traditional music, weaving, and spiritual customs that other Andean communities have long since abandoned. Ethnomusicologist, adventure guide, and Q’eros cultural expert Holly Wissler has been working with the Q’eros for decades, developing close personal relationships with the people and gaining unparalleled insight into their extraordinary ways of life.

The Q’eros

Holly and two to four Q’eros musicians will come to the Sacred Valley and introduce you to the musical and spiritual customs of the Q’eros, a group so traditional that they are often referred to as the “The Last Inca.” You will meet “the real people” of Peru. Don’t be surprised if this experience has a deep impact on you.

Holly Wissler

Expert Holly Wissler will lead the presentation, first introducing the Q’eros and providing contextual understanding for who they are. She will then provide a presentation, with excerpts from her documentary about the Q’eros and insights into different aspects of the Q’eros culture, explaining the Nation’s cosmovision and how their ancient roots continue to resonate through their dress, music, textiles, and other aspects of their personal lives.

Unique Instruments and Mountain Gods

After the presentation Holly will play some music for the group, continuing to discuss its ritual significance while she plays along with the Q’eros. You will be introduced to the sounds of the Andes as the Q’eros play traditional pan flutes such as the zampoña, the pinkuyllu, and quena (Holly frequently plays her bandurría and sings along in Quechua). As the Q’eros play traditional songs, Holly takes you through a historical progression of Andean music in Peru, from prehistoric to ritual Q’eros, to Andean folklore and popular music.

If you would like, you can ask the Q’eros to make an offering to the mountain gods and mother earth, asking for support or guidance in a particular matter, or simply asking for a good journey to Peru.

Q & A

The experience ends with a dialogue between the group and the Q’eros (with Holly translating from English to Quechua). Guests from the Q’eros Nation will stay around to answer any more questions pertaining to the history of the region or the Q’eros Nation in particular, and to learn from you in the same way you are learning from them.

Holly and Victor from Qeros Communities
Holly Playing the Bandurria with Cristobal from Qeros
Hilario and Susana from the Qeros