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San Pedro Market

One of the most unique sites in Cusco isn’t much of a site at all.

Mercado Central de San Pedro (San Pedro Market) is a sprawling marketplace where Cuzqueños go to get their groceries. Yet this central market is far different than those we’re accustomed to. Here a myriad of items are set out in the open on display, the labyrinth of vibrant booths creating a bright and beautiful mosaic. One minute you’re strolling through a sea of tropical fruits, and the next minute you’re witnessing the local purchase of a deep-fried guinea pig.

In addition to the produce, there are booths selling hand-crafts and textiles as well as a variety of truly “local” restaurants with cheap food. This is where you go if you want to see the authentic side of Andean life, away from the fancy hotels and gringo-laden tourist sites.