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Tour of Sacsayhuaman Fortress

Perched on a steep slope above the city of Cusco on the road towards Pisac, this walled Sacsayhuaman Inca complex boasts enormous, polished dry stone walls, intricately constructed without the use of mortar. The massive terrace walls that surround Sacsayhuaman’s main plaza are amongst the largest used in any pre-Columbian building in the Americas, and the meticulous precision of the rockwork sheds light on the mastery of the Inca stonemasons. From Sacsayhuaman fortress you will have beautiful aerial views of the city of Cusco and the surrounding Andes.

View of Cusco City from Sacsayhuaman
Unique View of Sacsayhuaman Inca Fortress
Sacsayhuaman Tour Inca Fortress
Sacsayhuaman Inca Masonry
Sacsayhuaman Inca Fortess Complex
Enormous Stones at Sacsayhuaman Fortress