Travel With Paragon Expeditions: Experience Peru & Patagonia

We’re Unique

Paragon Expeditions is a a new breed of tour operator that combines world-class luxury tours with authentic and inspiring experiences related to various humanitarian and conservation initiatives. When you experience Peru and Patagonia with Paragon Expeditions, you have privileged access to an extraordinary melting pot of luxury, authenticity, and sheer adventure—making your expedition unique and unforgettable.

It is the combination of luxury, authenticity, and sheer adventure that makes Travel with Paragon Expeditions so special.

We Provide Insider Access to Experience Peru and Patagonia

At Paragon Expeditions, we strive every step of the way to exceed your expectation of what is possible on a vacation. Our approach combines impeccable service with insider-access opportunities that enable you to experience Peru and Patagonia in a way most people cannot even imagine.

In Peru, we follow the footsteps of Inca royalty to Machu Picchu with one of South America’s finest explorers, and introduce you to Peruvian culture firsthand through intimate encounters with Quechua farmers and artisans. In Patagonia, we grill traditional Lamb Patagónica with local gauchos after spending the day fly-fishing for river-run salmon and horseback riding across a 55,000-acre estancia.

We give you access to some of the most extraordinary properties on earth and provide you with the privileged opportunity to learn about the Andes through personal interactions with famous archaeologists, authors, anthropologists, and pioneers of cultural and environmental preservation initiatives.

Experience Peru & Patagonia in luxury and leave a lasting impact on the local communities.

We’re Thorough

We’ve personally explored all of the lodges and have hand-selected the few rustic eco-retreats with 5-star service and a unique design that captures the native ambiance. We’ve spent hours upon hours hashing out every detail of the itinerary to ensure that service in impeccable throughout. We’ve worked diligently with our trip experts to ensure that when you experience Peru and Patagonia, it is a handcrafted, deeper, more meaningful one. We’ve met personally with locals to determine truly meaningful ways to give back to the local community and make sure that we provide travelers with an opportunity to see how that contribution will benefit the local area for years to come.

Experience Peru with Holly Wissler

Experience Peru with Holly Wissler—one of our trip experts

We’re Experienced

Our local, experienced Peru and Patagonia guides are some of the best in the industry and have been leading luxury tours for decades and know the ins-and-outs of the country. We pride ourselves on being an operator you can trust to deliver exceptional travel itineraries that go beyond the ordinary.

With Us, You’re Family

As a small, highly specialized tour operator, we have a distinct advantage of accessibility. If you have a question about your Peru vacation or a concern about your Patagonia expedition, you can simply pick up the phone, call Paragon Expeditions and speak directly with Ryan, the Founder & CEO. He we will be happy to answer your question or address any concerns at any point before or during your experience in Peru and Patagonia.