Giving Back

We at Paragon Expeditions have a deep appreciation for global diversity and cross-cultural exchanges, and we believe it is our responsibility to give back to the places that we visit on our Small Group Expeditions to the Andes. In both Peru and Patagonia, we have forged meaningful relationships with trusted nonprofit organizations that are working to preserve the extraordinary cultural and physical geography of the Andes.

On each of our Peru Expeditions, in addition to the money spent supporting the local Peruvian economy, a small contribution is also made towards a particular cultural preservation initiative. It is our hope that by giving back the locals will continue maintain their ancient and vitally important traditional cultural practices, and that our travelers will come to cherish the unique ethnic and cultural geography of the Peruvian Andes as we do.

On the other hand, our Patagonia Private travel itineraries are more focused on physical terrain than cultural immersion. Therefore, on our Private Patagonia Expeditions, a designated portion of the income is donated to a nonprofit organization that is working to encourage the sustainability of the local environment and to build national parks in Patagonia.

Learn About the Ways We Are Giving Back in Peru and Patagonia:

Huerta Niño

Huerto Niño is a nonprofit organization based in Buenos Aires that was formed to provide an effective and sustainable solution to child malnutrition in Argentina. Rather than providing handouts, the Huerta Niño Foundation builds vegetable gardens and greenhouses at primary schools in underprivileged communities and teaches children the importance of responsible food production and self-sustainability. Read More ›
tehuelche cave paintings cueva de los manos

Market of the Steppe

Revitalizing Native Textile Traditions in Patagonia

Mercado de la Estepa Qiumey Piuké (meaning "good heart" in the native Mapuche language) is a nonprofit organization working to restore and revitalize the traditional weaving and cultural practices of local Mapuche artisans in Patagonia and rescue their historical values in the process.Read More ›

Willka Yachay

Empower the next generation of Q’eros and help promote sustainable modernity.

Established to help support the traditions of one of the world's most unique indigenous communities, Willka Yachay helps build and sustain schools, implement solar programs, and foster a sense of self-respect in the Q'eros communities of southern Peru. Read More ›
Group glacier trekking at Cerro Torre in Patagonia.

Conservacion Patagonica

Project Goal: To create national parks in Patagonia that save and restore wildlands and wildlife and to generate healthy economic opportunities for local communities in the process.

Kris Tompkins created Conservación Patagónica in an effort to protect the wild lands and ecosystems of southern Chile and Argentina. Since then the nonprofit organization has worked diligently to build new national parks throughout Patagonia.Read More ›

The Q’eros Music Documentary

Project Goal: To help preserve the ancient traditions of the Q’eros nations and ultimately protect indigenous cultures worldwide.

Guests who book Peru travel including an experience with the Q'eros community are sent a copy of Holly Wissler's philanthropic Q'eros Music DVD, "Kusisqa Waqashayku." This educational documentary brings to light the musical and spiritual traditions of Hatun Q'eros, the largest and most remote hamlet, and the proceeds of Holly's Q'eros Music DVD help to preserve the unique cultural practices of Peru's most isolated and traditional mountain community. Read More ›