Locally-Inspired Lodgings

Hand-Selected Luxury Lodges in Peru & Patagonia

At Paragon Expeditions, our luxury travel itineraries include the finest, most unique hotels and luxury lodges in Peru and Patagonia. Rather than providing travelers with inauthentic Americanized hotels, we seek out extraordinary luxury lodges that capture the authentic essence of the Andes.

We have spent hours upon hours exploring these properties, touring the facilities with management, and determining which Peru boutique hotels and Patagonia lodges are up to our standards.

Below are several criteria we take into account when selecting our luxury lodges:

  • Extraordinary location and setting, either in a beautiful natural area or situated on a historically significant property.
  • Impeccable service with a truly caring staff that understands the needs of high-end travelers.
  • Spacious rooms with comfortable beds, authentic furnishings, and clean bathrooms.
  • Unique, tasteful architectural design that captures the native ambiance and protects the privacy of its guests.
  • Hotel grounds are well-maintained, feature beautiful landscaping, and attention to detail.
  • A gourmet restaurant featuring local specialty dishes with a clean kitchen and an expert chef.
  • World-class spa with indigenous-inspired products and treatments.
  • Unique, defining characteristics that distinguish the luxury lodge from others and add to the overall luxury experience.

Hotel Ratings

The luxury rating beside each of the luxury lodges correlates with the “official rating” as recognized by international travel standards for hotels.

You will also find an associated eco-rating for each of the Patagonia lodges and authentic Peru hotels. This is a subjective rating assigned to every one of the luxury lodges by the Paragon team based on hotel facilities and operational procedures. Below you will find several of the considerations we take into account when determining a luxury lodge’s eco-rating:

  • The staff minimizes its impact on the local environment and works to curb excess water and electricity usage.
  • The facilities at the luxury lodge are built with local materials and are adorned with native furnishings.
  • The restaurant features local and organic produce, and the menu features a variety of traditional Peruvian or Patagonian dishes.
  • The lodge reflects a culture of environmental awareness, highlights heirloom flora and fauna, and promotes respect for the local habitat.
  • The management is actively involved in the local community and provides jobs, training, and financial empowerment to local inhabitants.
  • The hotel staff supports the conservation of biological diversity and works to minimize visitors’ detrimental impacts on the local environment.
  • The hotel management promotes cross-cultural respect and educates visitors about indigenous customs, values, etc. and their current and historical significance.
  • The owners of the luxury lodge give back a portion of their income to meaningful causes in the local area.