Authentic Experiences

Authentic gaucho culture at Estancia Nibepo Aike

Patagonian gauchos at Estancia Nibepo Aike.

When studying what makes people happy, experts have determined that putting money towards unique life experiences is a far better investment than flashy and expensive goods, especially when the experience is shared with those whom you are close to.

The same principle can be applied to travel: unique, authentic experiences have a far more lasting impact and are a much more wholesome investment. If you’re a more culturally inclined breed of traveler who has taken to this concept of experiential travel, then you long for these deeper, more meaningful travel experiences.  In lieu of the ostentatious high-rise hotels and surface-level tours, you prefer a tasteful blend of luxury and authenticity with an emphasis on one-of-a-kind, privileged experiences that are unique to the destination you are visiting. It’s when your wanderlust-filled imagination starts to drift towards Peru or Patagonia, that we come into play…

Authentic Experiences in Peru in Patagonia

Our goal is simple, to help you discover the most unique, powerful, and authentic experiences. These distinctive experiences expose you to other cultures and places that are different than what you are accustomed to and help better define who you are as a human being. Rather than arranging standard tours and activities you can arrange on your own, we provide deeper, more distinctively Andean experiences that would be difficult to create without prior expertise or connections.

Andean Shaman on Peru Tour

Andean Shaman in the Sacred Valley.

We want you to learn how the ancestors of the Inca live first-hand during remote village visits, grill lamb patagónica with local gauchos on a 55,000-acre Patagonian estancia, and hike to Machu Picchu with the guy who wrote the book on it (or the Cusco guidebook and a National Geographic cover story at least).

We have the geographic expertise, in-country connections, and the means to artfully construct and deliver the most extraordinary experiences in Peru and Patagonia. The authentic experiences we create are a testament to our wholehearted love, respect, and appreciation for these remarkable regions and a paragon of experiential travel in the region.