Art and Photography

Peru is one of the most intriguing art and photography destinations in Latin America.

The beautiful colors and dramatic mountain scenery of the Andes make for world-class photography opportunities as evidenced by the works of famous Peruvian photographers such as Mario Testino and Martín Chambi.

Furthermore, both Cusco and Lima offer an outstanding menu of art museums. These public and private art and photography exhibits examine the breadth of Peruvian history, from contemporary photography to pre-Columbian artwork made by the Moche, Wari, Chimu and other ancestors of the Inca.

Private Art Museums

Our private art museum visits in Peru open doors that are otherwise closed. We grant you the opportunity to learn about the delicate process of restoring old paintings at a private residence overflowing with colonial art and the chance to discover the unique Seminario-style of pottery at a private pottery museum in the Sacred Valley. At Paragon Expeditions, we introduce you to the finest private art experiences Peru. These private art museums allow you to touch the art with your own hands, offering an enticingly intimate access to the Peruvian art scene. In many cases, the owners of the museum accompany you for the experience, sharing their passion and enthusiasm for the art and granting you privileged access to artistic masterpieces in Peru that few will ever see.

In Lima, you may revisit more than 3,000 years of pre-Columbian history at Museo Larco with museum curator Ulla Holmquist. Or, you may choose to visit the Museo de Art Colonial Pedro de Osma, a historic mansion in the Barranco district that once belonged to lifelong art collector Don Pedro de Osma Gildemeister.

In Cusco, you may explore artifacts collected from Machu Picchu at the Casa Concha Museum with Inca history professor Jean Jacques Decoster. Or, if you have a taste for cocktails and traditional beverages, you can learn the nuances of Peru’s famous spirit at Museo del Pisco with an experienced local Pisquero.

Photography Tours

Colorful Andean villages provide the perfect backdrop for photography, allowing you to capture culturally and physically dramatic photographs of one of the world’s most powerful places.

We invite you to learn the art of photography with an expert photographer on one of our customized Peruvian photography expeditions. These photography-focused Peruvian journeys are led by experts who explain how other famous photographers have achieved such success and offer new ideas for how you may capture National Geographic-caliber photos in many different settings.

Peruvian Photography Exhibits

In addition to colonial and pre-Columbian art, Peru also has a handful of impressive photography exhibits.

In Cusco, you may discover the art of indigenous photography at the Martín Chambi Exhibition with Adam Weintraub or even Chambi’s own son. These exclusive experiences illustrate Chambi’s mastery in the practice of light manipulation and introduce you to a handpicked selection of black-and-white works that led to Chambi’s recognition as “The Father of Indigenous Photography.”

In Lima, we can show you the works of acclaimed Peruvian photographer Mario Testino at MATE, allowing you to see a fascinating display of his most famous erotic shots of various models, and introducing to some of his more recent works that pay homage to Chambi’s indigenous works but do so in color instead.

Short List of our Favorite Art and Photography Experiences: