Culinary Endeavors

Many things come to mind when you hear the word Patagonia... sprawling glaciers, rugged mountains, pristine rivers... but rarely do you think of food.

Patagonia abounds with unique and tasty cuisine even though it is might be off the everyday foodie’s radar.

Dominated by meats and fresh seafood, Patagonia has a plethora of distinct, savory dishes that reflect the greater Argentine and Chilean cuisine but also have their own unique Patagonia flare. This is a land where you can pick your own freshly harvested king crab or grill lamb beside an open fire with local gauchos.

We have a passion for food and believe that authentic, locally-inspired culinary experiences are essential to a great trip. We take great pleasure in introducing your palette to some of the finest culinary experiences Patagonia has to offer.

Furthermore, since many of our Patagonia journeys begin or end in Buenos Aires or Santiago, we can also arrange top-notch culinary experiences in the capital cities.

Closed-Door Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires’ closed-door restaurants have recently emerged onto the international food scene. In the Barranco district and beyond, private chefs have began opening their doors to a privileged few guests, granting them the exclusive opportunity to experience modern, creative Argentine cooking in a real Argentine home. With charismatic detail-oriented porteño chefs, the dinner shows and private dining experiences in Buenos Aires meet the highest of standards.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the experience is the peculiar ways in which you access these closed-door restaurants. Your dining experience may begin from a phone booth, or even through a refrigerator door in a flower shop.

We work with some of the top chefs in Buenos Aires and can arrange a variety of culinary endeavors in Buenos Aires, ranging from private cooking demonstrations and classes to dinner shows at the finest tango clubs in town.

Traditional Patagonian Asados

There is no better way to connect with the people of Patagonia than to grill a lamb patagonica in front of an open fire during a traditional Patagonian asado. We can set you up for a relaxing evening cookout with Argentine gauchos on a remote estancia. Here you can savor the crisp, clean air and learn about the gaucho way of life as the parillero grills lamb, sausage, and other meets in front of an open-air fire in classic Patagonian fashion.

Though Patagonian asados are our specialty,  we can also arrange for an asado in the Uco Valley and the pampas outside of Buenos Aires. Much like different barbecue varies between different regions in the United States, asados in Argentina are also quite distinct across the country. While lamb is the predominant meat of choice in Patagonia, beef is far more common in the pampas and the wine district.

In addition to traditional Patagonian asados and private dining  experiences in Buenos Aires,  there are a variety of other culinary experiences available.

Here are some examples of culinary experiences we can arrange in the Far South.

Siete Fuegos cookout in the Uco Valley

We can introduce you to Francis Mallman’s internationally acclaimed Argentine grill at the Vines, a must-visit for meat lovers and grilling aficionados.

Street food tours in Buenos Aires

We have partnered with one of the best known foodies in Buenos Aires to create a half-day tour of culinary discovery, shedding light on a variety of distinctly porteño dishes that help characterize the city’s famous food culture.

Dinner shows in Buenos Aires and Santiago

Enjoy an aged malbec and world-class entertainment at one of our favorite dinner shows.

Cooking lessons with renowned Argentine chefs

We can arrange private cooking lessons and demonstrations in English with some of Buenos Aires’ top restaurateurs.