Fly-Fishing in Patagonia

If you like a dose of the sublime with your fly fishing, you won’t be disappointed by the fly-fishing opportunities in Patagonia.

Set amidst deep blue finger lakes and impossibly tall snowcapped peaks, there are myriad lakes, rivers, and remote fishing lodges that feature superb trout and salmon fishing. Many of the brown and rainbow trout in these wild and isolated rivers have never seen an artificial fly!

Founder Ryan Weaver has been fishing professionally for years (currently on the Shallow Sport Pro Team), and has extensive experience fishing throughout Latin America. Ryan will work directly with you, lining you up with the very best Patagonia river guides and introducing you to fishing opportunities in Argentina and Chile that are so exclusive and undiscovered that we refuse to publish details. There is no type of trip that provides you with more hands-on service and genuine, passionate customer-care than one our specialty fishing trips.

Chinook Salmon Fishing in Southern Argentina and Chile

We are cutting edge experts on this recent phenomenon and are particularly knowledgeable regarding fly-fishing for Chinook salmon in the Far South. Generally speaking, the Chinook salmon run in Patagonia takes place between December and April, with the specific time varying greatly depending on the river.

On the Chilean side, there are remote yet accessible rivers holding Chinook salmon in the ten to thirty kilo range throughout Magallanes and into the Chilean Lake District. Generally speaking, the salmon run in Chile is a bit earlier than it is in Argentina due to its closer proximity to the Pacific.

The Chinook salmon fishing in Argentina is a more recent phenomenon, with fish making an incredible journey to distant rivers in Los Glaciares National Park. These remarkable specimens travel for several months, crossing many streams and lakes before they end up in small mountain streams to spawn. Since the greater fishing community is unaware of this phenomenon, we can make you one of the early pioneers that discovers this unique and incredible fishing experience in Argentina’s Far South.

If you are interested in fly-fishing for Chinook in Patagonia, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. There are guided options available as well, as do it yourself Chinook fishing possibilities in El Chaltén, El Calafate, Puerto Montt, and the Torres del Paine area.

Golden Dorado Specialty Trips

We are connected to some of the most knowledgeable dorado fishing experts in South America and design custom-tailored, highly customized dorado fishing trips in Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia. The watersheds and the types of fishing vary greatly, from murky water boat fishing for giants on the Paraná to remote sight casting opportunities in isolated northern mountain rivers. We offer a highly-personalized itineraries depending on the time of year, level of experience, and your desired type of dorado fishing in Argentina.

Dorado fishing trips are available in the foothills of the Andes near Salta, southern Bolivia, the Iberá Marshland, and along Argentina’s border with Uruguay.

Trout Fishing in the Lake District

Whether your sight casting to brookies in Evita’s hometown or on a guided rafting trip trying to hook a fifteen pound brown trout on the world-famous Limay, the Argentine Lake District is a must for every fly-fisherman at some point in his or her life.

We have deep rooted connections in the Lake District and can handcraft a fly-fishing trip for you based on your level of expertise, budget, and preferred style of fishing (which we get a feel for through extended conversation).

The trout fishing as a whole tends to be better to the north around Junín de los Andes, an area that is widely considered to have some of the best fly-fishing in Argentina. Trout fishing trips are also available in Neuquen and the Bariloche area and the fishing here can be great as well, depending on the time of year.

Here are some other custom guided fishing trips that we can arrange in Argentina and Chile:

Other Fly-Fishing Experiences in the Far South

Sea-Run Brown Trout Fishing in Tierra del Fuego

Our seasoned angling guides know the best pools in the legendary Rio Grande.

Steelhead Trout in Santa Cruz

Between mid-February and late May, steelhead trout run up the Santa Cruz River from the Atlantic Ocean, with fish ranging from eight to twenty pounds.

Trout Fishing in Jurassic Lake and Southern Patagonia

Though the Lake District has better trout fishing as a whole, Laguna Strobel (Jurassic Lake) and select southern lakes harbor enormous rainbow trout that grow upwards of twenty to thirty pounds.