Glacier Tours

If there is one sound that sticks with you, it is ice breaking free from a glacier and crashing into the lake below.

Patagonia is often compared to the Alaska of South America, which is largely due to the variety of magnificent glaciers that lie within this vast and unruly region.  The southern Patagonian Ice Field hugs the border of Argentina and Chile, harboring Perito Moreno, the Upsala Glacier, and dozens of other lesser-known Patagonian glaciers.

We have deep-rooted connections in this glacially blessed region, and are connected to some of the best local glacier tour outfitters in Patagonia. We can arrange a variety of glacier experiences, ranging from relaxed and educational glacier tours to rugged ice treks where crampons are required. Each of our Small Group Journeys to Patagonia includes multiple glacier experiences, and we are constantly searching to find off-the-beaten-path glacier adventures in Patagonia and newly opened boat tours that have yet to be discovered by the masses.

Ice Trekking

The pinnacle of all glacier experiences, our ice trekking experiences will leave you humbled by the beauty of these natural spectacles and give you a perspective on just how immense the glaciers truly are. As one of the largest masses of ice outside of the poles, Perito Moreno is an ice trekker’s fantasy. We include a minitrekking excursion on our Best of Patagonia Expedition, providing guests with the incredible opportunity to trek across Perito Moreno Glacier with an expert guide. We can also arrange more intense Perito Moreno glacier treks such as the “Big Ice” excursion, which leads you to lesser-seen corners of the mythical glacier.

Boat Tours

Like an Alaskan cruise but far more intimate, our glacier boat tours provide you with the opportunity to witness massive sheets of ice breaking free from calving glaciers and crashing into the water, hearing the echoes rumble and reverberate between the canyon walls. We can arrange a variety of tours, ranging from our most popular Perito Moreno glacier tours, to catamaran tours of the Viedma Glacier.

Glacier Museums

A great way to begin your Patagonia journey is to visit Glaciarium, one of the world’s only glacier museums. This unique museum is 100% dedicated to educating visitors about the wonders of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Here you can learn about moulins, icebergs, dirt cones, and other glacial features. You will learn fun facts about the different glaciers and their defining characteristics as well as a broader vision of how the multitude of glaciers in Patagonia came to be.

For a unique experience after the museum visit, deck yourself out in a spacesuit and enter the Glacio Branco Ice Bar, a unique underground bar that is kept at -8 to -10 degrees.

Short-List of Our Favorite Glacial Experiences:

Exploring the walkways at Perito Moreno Glacier

The recently opened walkways at Canal de los Tempanos offer incredible up-close views of the calving Perito Moreno Glacier.

Hiking to the Upsala Glacier Viewpoint

This Estancia Cristina hike grants you unparalleled, panoramic views of the Upsala Glacier from an aerial vantage point.

Kayaking through icebergs beside the Upsala Glacier

Adventurous travelers rave about this lesser known Upsala Glacier Kayaking Excursion that allows you to navigate through miniature icebergs beneath the glacier’s massive outer wall.

Trekking to the Grey Glacier in Torres del Paine National Park

Part of the expansive southern Patagonian Ice Field, the electric blue colors of the Grey Glacier are a dazzling spectacle, and the hike to Grey Beach offers you spectacular views of the glacier’s exterior face.

Staying at glacier-view luxury lodge on the remote shores of Lago del Desierto

Our Estancias of Patagonia Expedition allows you the privileged opportunity to stay on a remote lagoon behind the Fitz Roy Range and savor views of the Vespignani Glacier from your private room.