Hikes and Treks

Patagonia for a trekker is what Tahiti is for a beach-lover.

Home to Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonia has some of the most picturesque mountain scenery on the planet. While Fitz Roy, Perito Moreno, and Torres del Paine attract the most attention from the international travel community, the reality is that Patagonia has millions of squared miles of pristine wilderness that are prime for trekking. Much of Patagonia’s remote countryside remains unexplored to this day. This is a place where you can explore breathtaking canyons, remote glaciers, petrified forests, dense lenga woodlands, and some of the most incredibly beautiful mountains on earth.

FitzRoy Treks

The jagged, skyscraping spires of Mt. Fitz Roy tower above the village of El Chaltén in Los Glaciares National Park. For many, this magnificent cluster of mountains is the most beautiful in the entire world, reminiscent of the Grand Tetons of Wyoming on a far greater scale.

As you can imagine, the Fitz Roy Range provides a magnificent backdrop for those hiking in Los Glaciares National Park, an area so pristine that you are encouraged to drink water from the wild streams without a filter. With a magnificent setting beneath the Fitz Roy massif, it is not surprising that El Chaltén is often considered the trekking capital of Argentina. Here you be able to explore breathtaking valleys, discover hidden glaciers, and savor unfathomable views of the Fitz Roy massif from the remote trails in the park. We can arrange expert guided hikes to Laguna de los Tres, an emerald-blue lagoon located directly beneath the face of the Fitz Roy Massif. Or, you can hike to Lago Torre or Pliegue de los Tumbados for views of Cerro Torre, the steep granite spire that has led to numerous mountaineering legends. We are connected to some of the best trekking guides in El Chaltén and would love to introduce you to some of the most extraordinary Fitz Roy treks you will ever experience.

Torres del Paine Hikes

If there is any mountain range that can rival the Fitz Roy Range for sheer beauty, it’s the Paine massif in Torres del Paine National Park. Patagonia’s persistent winds have weathered the mountain range, creating a beautifully colored front wall known as the “Horns of the Paine Massif,” painted with hues of blue and grey. The treks through the French Valley offer unparalleled views of these splendid Patagonian peaks.

To the east you can hike to the base of the famous Paine Towers where you will have an unparalleled, close-up view of the stunning granite spires that rise vertically more than 2,500 feet. Or, hike beside Lago Grey to the Grey Glacier, where you will likely encounter Andean condors and other native wildlife.

The hikes and treks at Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares are only scratching the surface of the possible hikes in Patagonia. The Andes run the length of Argentine and Chile, and off-the-beaten-path gems are literally everywhere.

Short List of Our Favorite Hikes and Treks in Patagonia:

Hike from Estancia El Condor to Aguas Arriba Lodge

This multi-day hike through the remote Andes leads you to Lago del Desierto, a hidden lagoon snuggled between glaciers and mountain peaks behind the Fitz Roy massif.

Ice Trekking on Perito Moreno Glacier

There is simply no better way to explore South America’s most famous glacier than to trek across it.

Guided Hikes in national parks and beyond

Guided or unguided, we can line you up with the perfect hike or trek for your skill level from the Lake District all the way to Tierra del Fuego in the Far South.

The aforementioned examples are merely scratching the surface of the hiking and trekking excursions that we can arrange in Patagonia. This is a place where every lodge and village is encompassed by nature.