Horseback Riding

For equestrian lovers, horseback riding in Patagonia is like living a dream.

There is nothing more liberating than leaving the stresses of the 21st century behind and riding into the Patagonian outback on a traditional criollo horse. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, horseback riding in Patagonia leaves you in harmony with the countryside, feeling like one of the early settlers that pioneered this uncharted region in centuries past.

Fortunately for the horse-loving folks, we are well connected in the Argentine equestrian realm and can arrange the perfect horseback riding trip that suits your individual interests and level of ability. There are many types of experiences available in Patagonia and greater Argentina, and we are very selective of the experiences that we recommend.

Criollos and Baguales

Originally introduced by Spanish settlers in 1535, the criollo horse now flourishes throughout the Patagonian steppe. Feral for centuries, these wild stallions, or baguales as they are called in Patagonia, have become a symbol of Patagonia’s raw and untamed beauty, roaming by the hundreds throughout southern Patagonia’s desolate backcountry.

While the baguales flourish, domesticated horses have also played a key role in the history of the region and continue to be an integral part of life for local gauchos to this day. The criollo horse has played such a prominent role in Patagonian history that they are often mistakenly referred to as native to Argentina, even though their true origins are in Andalucia, Spain.

Docile Horses

As horse lovers and sticklers for excellence, we understand that natural landscapes alone don’t make for an incredible horseback-riding trip. Friendly, responsive horses and top-notch guides are every bit as important as the setting. We also care deeply about the well being of the horses and only support those facilities that treat their horses with care. We make sure that the horses on our Patagonia horseback riding holidays have a good demeanor and are well cared for. For that reason, we only recommend a select handful of Patagonia horseback riding experiences to ensure that we are only offering the best.

World-Class Estancias

The exclusive estancias and remote ranches that we visit in Patagonia feature superb horseback riding opportunities amidst breathtaking Andean backdrops. From Torres del Paine’s magnificent spires to remote finger lakes in the Argentine Lake District, there is no place more scenic and free than Patagonia. The horse rides on these estancias are refreshingly slow paced and introduce you to the simplistic beauty of life in rural Patagonia. In many cases, your horseback riding guides are long-time resident gauchos on the estancia and have been working with the horses on the property for many years.

Wine Tours by Horseback

In addition to the horse rides in Patagonia, we can also arrange other equestrian activities elsewhere in Argentina. These experiences include horseback riding through vineyards in the Luján de Cujo and the Uco Valley. Horseback riding excursions through the vineyards is one of the most unique ways to discover Argentina’s malbec country.

Polo in the Pampas

The outskirts of Buenos Aires is the polo heartland of the entire world, and this region is home to multiple players with a ten handicap rating. A day in the pampas is a great way to finish a Patagonia trip, allowing you to get a feel for the polo culture and experience the Argentina’s storied pampas region. These world-class polo estancias offer horseback riding, live polo matches, and even polo lessons for those who are intrigued by the sport.

Short-List of Our Favorite Horseback Riding Experiences:

Estancia El Condor to La Nana Outpost.

Yerba mate, remote cabins, and only your horse getting you from point A to point B. This three day/ two night horseback riding expedition through divine landscapes captures the essence of life in Patagonia in the early twentieth century.

Gaucho-Guided Horseback Riding at Estancia Nibepo Aike

With genuine, friendly gaucho guides and some of the most docile horses you’ll ever find, Estancia Nibepo Aike ranks as one of the best horseback riding destinations in Patagonia.

Lago Argentino Horseback Riding Expedition

This four-day horseback riding expedition takes you where away from civilization where no vehicles travel, to the most remote corners of Estancia Nibepo Aike and the hidden glaciers of Los Glaciares National Park.

Puesto Viejo Polo Club

Located in the polo heartland of the world within short reach of the airport in Buenos Aires, a day of horseback riding at Puesto Viejo is the perfect way to finish your trip before a later evening return flight.