Nazca Over Flights

Of all the mysterious remains that pre-Inca cultures left behind in Peru, none are more enigmatic and intriguing than the Nazca Lines.

Created thousands of years ago by the Nazca culture that inhabited the stark deserts of Southern Peru near Ica, these ancient geoglyphs etched into the surface of the desert sprawl over 280 square miles and represent an ancient civilization attempting to communicate with a mysterious celestial force. What’s most bizarre is that those who crafted the Nazca Lines did so with remarkable precision, even though they could not see the designs they were creating.

At Paragon Expeditions, we offer a variety of Nazca over flights that allow you to explore the beautiful Ica valley and admire these bizarre remains from a unique aerial vantage point. To observe the unrivaled Nazca Lines (which can be kilometers long), you will climb into the clouds to see what this forgotten culture has left behind from the perspective of the gods for whom they were created.

On our Nazca over flights, we only work with the most reputable airline companies in Peru, making sure that they have top-notch captains and an in-depth understanding of the area. These aircrafts hold 12 passengers and are equipped with air conditioning and leather seats to make for a comfortable ride. There are many ways to see the Nazca Lines, and we can recommend the perfect Nazca over flight, depending on your interests and the amount of time you have in Peru.

Aerial Tours from Pisco

One of the quickest and easiest ways to see the Nazca Lines is to catch a flight from Lima to Pisco and begin your airplane tour from there. This option saves more than six hours of time and makes for an easy pre or post trip extension. To learn more about aerial Nazca tours from Pisco, see Nazca Lines from Lima in One Day.

Aerial Tours from Ica

Aerial tours from Ica are another option if you are seeking to save time during your visit to the Nazca Lines. There are approximately three departures per day from Ica, and the aerial tour lasts just over an hour. During the over flight you will see many of the most famous designs including anthropomorphic creations such as fish, whale, and monkey, as well as the mysterious hominid-like biomorph known as the astronaut.

Aerial Tours from Nazca

This classic aerial tour of the Nazca Lines from Nazca is about 40 minutes in length, and gives you the opportunity to witness 12 of the most famous Nazca Lines. Among the many geoglyphs and biomorphs you will see is the hummingbird, a masterfully designed biomorph that symbolizes fertility and seasonal rebirth.

The Palpa Lines

If you plan on touring the Nazca Lines from Nazca, an interesting option is to see the recently discovered Palpa Lines as well. There are multiple flights per day from Maria Reiche Airport that offer you the opportunity to discover the Palpa Lines, and the unorthodox aqueducts of Cantalloc in combination with an aerial tour of the Nazca Lines.