Remote Village Visits

It is no secret that Peru is one of the premiere cultural destinations in South America, maybe the world.

While distinctly Peruvian cities such as Cusco and Iquitos offer plenty of culture, the reality is that some of the most traditional, authentic cultural experiences lie within Peru’s remote indigenous villages where the locals continue to live very traditional ways of life.

As part of our mission to promote the preservation of Peru’s indigenous communities, we grant you the privileged opportunity to meet the real people of Peru and learn about their incredible cultural traditions first-hand during remote village visits. From Lake Titicaca’s floating islands to traditional potato-farming communities tucked away in the rural Andes, these remote village visits offer first-hand insights into the indigenous way of life, introducing you to distinctive Peruvian cultural traditions that often date back hundreds of years.

Rural Quechua Communities

The Peruvian Andes are home to the beautiful and open Quechua people. Our remote village visits in Quechua territory have been carefully handcrafted and are educational and enlightening in nature. Here you can partake in a traditional huatia cooking ceremony, perform a coca leaf offering to the apus with a local shaman, and even witness a llama drink chicha during a traditional Llama Tinku Ceremony.

Aymara Communities

While Quechua is the main indigenous group throughout much of the Andes, if you visit Lake Titicaca you will experience the Aymara culture, which is prevalent throughout the southernmost stretches of the Peruvian altiplano and Bolivia. We can arrange visits to rural Aymara communities surrounding the lake, offering you an experience like no other as you immerse yourself in the musical customs, dance festivals, fashions, and food.

Uros Communities

At Lake Titicaca, we can also arrange visits to the famous floating islands of the Uros culture. In order to evade the conquering Inca, the Uros forged out an incredible existence on the lake, building entire communities from native Toyota reeds and floating about the lake. We offer you the opportunity to visit the Uros communities, where you will learn about their innovative methods of subsistence agriculture, fish farming techniques, and other unique ways of life.

The Q’eros Nations

Known as “The Last Inca,” the Q’eros Quechua community is renowned for its traditional music, weaving, and spiritual rituals; customary practices that many other Andean communities have abandoned in favor of a more modern lifestyle. At Paragon Expeditions, we are connected to some extraordinary people who have dedicated their life to sustaining this incredible indigenous community. We offer you the rare and exclusive opportunity to meet the Q’eros, and learn about one of the world’s most fascinating indigenous groups from the people who know them best.

Our Favorite Remote Village Visits