Road Trips

Patagonia is road-trip paradise. Though few highways penetrate the Patagonian frontier, those that do offer some of the most dramatic scenery in the world.

International Route 40 follows the Andes Mountains for thousands of desolate kilometers, from the northern salt flats all the way to Ushuaia—mankind’s southernmost settlement. A long time symbol of freedom and isolation, Argentina’s legendary Ruta 40 makes for one of the most spectacular drives in the world.

Across the Andes, Chile’s Carretera Austral is equally magnificent, spanning more than 3,000 miles down the Chilean coastline from the deserts of Arica to Torres del Paine and beyond.

While these highways are incredible gateways to the region, they merely scratch the surface of the road trip possibilities that we can put together. From the Switzerland-esque Seven Lakes Route to the dramatic coastline drives along Route 3, we can arrange a wide variety of road trips suited to your individual interests. We have an intimate grasp of the geography of the region, and with our lengthy list of connections in South America, we are equipped to turn the road trip of your dreams into a world-class adventure.

Self-Drive Road Trips in Patagonia

For all you freedom-loving folks that would prefer to travel your way, we can arrange self-drive road trips completely catered to your interests. We have the geographical awareness, in-country connections, and know-how to put together legendary self-drive road trips in Patagonia and beyond. We introduce you to the best routes and also steer you clear of the areas that are a hassle to navigate independently.

We have a range of cars available throughout Argentina and Chile and only partner with the premiere rental companies. We can recommend the perfect self-drive road trip based on your budget, party size, and desired route.

Though you have the independence to explore as you wish on our self-drive Patagonia road trips, you always have a safety net there for you in case any issues arise. Each of our self-guided road trips features 24/7-road side assistance as well as a local cell phone with several contact numbers that can be reached at any time. We also provide a detailed pre-trip packet containing maps, and useful information such as suggested restaurants, experiences, etc.

Guided Road Trips

Do you have a group of friends or business associates interested in a road trip in Patagonia? At Paragon Expeditions, we can offer you a variety of guided road trips in Argentina and Chile, ranging from estancia-to-estancia 4×4 trips in Santa Cruz to wine safaris in the Uco Valley.

Each of our guided Patagonia road trips feature an experienced, English speaking guide that knows the lay of the land, and, for certain remote and vintage vehicle trips, your own personal mechanic.

Motorcycle Tours

Since the release of the film The Motorcycle Diaries, Patagonia has gained a nearly mythical status as the ultimate motorcycle destination.

What do we leave behind when we cross each frontier? Each moment seems split in two; melancholy for what was left behind and the excitement of entering a new land.Ernesto “Che” Guevara, The Motorcycle Diaries

There is something about driving through this wide-open frontier on a motorcycle that stirs the imagination and makes you feel more in touch with the land. Fortunately for you motorcycle enthusiasts, we have a diverse menu of bikes available throughout Argentina and Chile, including Honda Transalps, BMWs, and the classic Royal Enfield 500cc. We can arrange a wide array of motorcycle tours from the Salta region all the way to glacier regions (both guided and self-drive). We handle all of the complicated logistics so all you have to do show up with your adventurous spirit and a smile.

Feeling creative? So are we. We relish at the opportunity to plan a unique motorcycle tour that requires extensive planning and elaborate networks to pull off. Maybe you want to explore off-the-beaten-path routes on vintage bikes or build your road trip around a central theme? Let us know. You’d be surprised what we can pull off. We could help you trace the path of Che’s epic journey across Patagonia on his rickety Norton 500 if you really want to!

Short List of Our Favorite Road Trips

Valdes to Bahia Bustamente

A haven for cold-water marine wildlife, this seaside journey introduces you to sea lions, orcas, and penguins along hundreds of kilometers of Patagonia’s desolate Atlantic coastline.

The Lake District from Neuquen

With excellent highways and breathtaking views of the lakes and mountains, the round-trip loop is picturesque from start to finish.

Ruta 40 from El Calafate to Bariloche

This remote journey takes you across the core of Patagonia, and offers you the opportunity to visit off-the-beaten path parks and estancias that few travelers ever see.

Santa Cruz Estancia-to-Estancia

Beginning and ending in El Calafate, this classic road trip introduces you to authentic estancias as well as the highlights of Los Glaciares National Park.