Tango and the Arts

From acclaimed tango directors to urban street art legends, both Argentina and Chile are home to world-class artists of all sorts and make world-class destinations for those with an appreciation for the arts.

In Argentina, the tango has become a defining cultural art form. Largely inspired by the Candombe music of the former slaves in the River Plate region, tango music paints a classic picture of life in Argentina, with melodic instruments such as the bandoneón crafting a beautiful and emotional story through sound. Visitors from around the world have been inspired by this sensual, nostalgic dance, and the tango has become a national symbol of Argentina.

Being sticklers for local, authentic experiences and all, we had to seek out some of the finest tango experiences and art tours available for our guests. From visits to the acoustically wondrous Teatro Colón to privately guided tours of Pablo Neruda’s Sebastiana abode, we have a wide range of art tours and experiences that we can arrange in Buenos Aires, Santiago, and beyond. These artistically focused endeavors make the perfect compliment to the rugged adventures in Patagonia.

Tango Shows

Traditionally, the tango has been performed at local milongas where Argentines gather late at night to dance. Through the years, international intrigue with the traditional dance form led to the development of the tango show, a live tango demonstration where musicians and dancers perform for an audience.

In Buenos Aires, there are some very impressive tango shows that offer great food, fine wine, and elegant tango performances. These shows typically feature a three-course meal and wine followed by an hour-long performance.

At Paragon Expeditions, we know the pros and cons of all the tango shows in Buenos Aires and can arrange the perfectly suited tango show based on your budget and travel style. We have a wide range of tango shows at our disposal, from classic tango shows at Argentine legend Carlos Gardel’s former house, to the local favorite La Cava del Querandí, which takes you through a chronological history of the tango with dancers coming in and out throughout.

Learning the Art of Tango

Are you interested in learning to dance the tango?  We can arrange private or small group tango lessons for travelers from a variety of different ages and experience levels. Led by local dancers, these tango lessons introduce the core concepts of the Argentine tango and teach you a variety of tango styles, ranging from popular tango canyengue to the tango orillero.

Local Milonga Visits

Those who have refined their step may choose to venture to a local milonga. Unlike the more touristy tango shows, the milongas are where the locals go to dance, usually showing up around 11:00 or midnight after a few fernet on the rocks. This is where you get a true feel for the tango in Argentine culture, dancing beside milongueros into the wee hours of the night.  We take pride in introducing you to some of the best milongas in Buenos Aires, places with good atmosphere and top-notch swing and tango music.

Modern Street Art

Usually graffiti artists have to operate in stealth, hiding in the shadows and evading law enforcement and waiting for the opportune moment to create an illegal work of art. This is not the case in Buenos Aires.  Many property owners openly invite artists to paint their walls, and the local government has gone as far as to subsidize some of the artist’s murals. Not surprisingly, Buenos Aires has become one of the premiere places on the planet for modern street art, attracting some of the world’s top graffiti artists. We can arrange some of the best modern street art tours in Buenos Aires, introducing you to extraordinary, gigantic murals on streets that you simply won’t find in the guidebooks.

Short List of Our Favorite Tango and Art Experiences:

  • Dancing the tango among the local porteños at a local milonga (not recommended for beginners)
  • Tango lessons at Mansion Dandi, a historic salon in Buenos Aires
  • Expert guided street art tour in Buenos Aires