Wine Tours

Vineyards are charming nearly anywhere in the world, but you would be hard pressed to find a more spectacular setting than Central Argentina and Chile’s wine regions.

Framed by the picturesque peaks of the southern Andes, vineyards sprawl across the foothills of the cordillera, soaking in the southern sun and producing barrel after barrel of top-notch vino.

And believe us when we say that it’s not just the setting that is spectacular. The wines are every bit as outstanding as the landscapes on which they are grown. Fertile soils, slightly higher altitudes, and cooler-than-average Mediterranean climatic conditions combine to produce some of the most flavorful grapes in the world. From Argentina’s Luján de Cuyo to Chile’s Casablanca Valley, this breathtaking region stands beside Napa Valley, California, as one of the most prolific and respected wine regions in the Americas.

Continuing the customary traditions of their Spanish, Italian, and greater European predecessors, both Chilenos and Argentinos alike consume their fair share of vino.  South America’s finest wines are often found in bars, restaurants, and private residences in Buenos Aires, Patagonia, and beyond.

At Paragon Expeditions, we share the locals’ affinity for fine wine, and we take pride in introducing our guests to the very best wine experiences available in Argentina and Chile, ranging from private wine tasting in Patagonia to custom-tailored wine safaris in the Uco Valley.

Wine and Wander

We are sticklers for locally inspired experiences, and wine is very much entrenched into the culture of Argentina and Chile. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of our classic Patagonia Expeditions include world-class wine experiences throughout the journey. Perfect for wine-loving adventurers, these handcrafted trips allow you to explore the Patagonian wilderness by day, and savor delicious vino by night. From private wine clubs in Buenos Aires to luxury picnics on the shores of remote Patagonian lakes, on all of our Patagonia Luxury Tours we make sure that wine aficionados are pleased every step of the way, even if that means we have to infuse the itinerary with a few extra wine-related experiences just for you.

Argentine Malbecs & Torrontés

Renowned as the premiere Malbec region in the world, Mendoza and the Uco Valley offer some of the world’s finest vino with several varieties of Malbec as well as a complex selection of locally grown Shiraz and Bonarda. While Mendoza and the Uco Valley are considered the heartland of Argentina’s wine country, this area represents a mere fraction of the wine-growing territory within Argentina. To the north, Salta and Cafayate offer extraordinary vineyards along the scenic Salteña Wine Route. It’s high altitude and low-latitude climate provides the perfect conditions for several varieties of Torrontés, a unique white wine with a fruity zest that ranks beside Malbec as one of the two wines that Argentina is known for.

Chilean Cabernets & Carménère

Across the Andes, the region surrounding Santiago offers myriad grape-growing valleys. From the valleys near Aconcagua to the Maipo region to the south, these breathtaking valleys each have their own unique microclimate that grow delicious French wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and the renowned Chilean Carmeneré.

Custom Wine Tours

At Paragon Expeditions, we can arrange custom-tailored wine tours to both the Argentine and Chilean Wine Regions. These unique wine-intensive experiences introduce you to the distinctive grapes and the renowned growers that hail from this region, extending from the Bogardas and Malbecs of the Uco Valley to Salta’s spectacular selection of high-altitude Torrontés. A trip to the wine country makes an easy pre or post trip extension to any Patagonia Expedition, with Mendoza a skip and a jump away from Buenos Aires and Santiago surrounded by fertile wine valleys. From horseback rides through the San Antonio Valley to biking excursions in Malbec country, our custom wine tours present guests with the premiere wine experiences that Argentina and Chile have to offer. We custom tailor these wine tours based on your budget, palette, and individual desires.

Wine Tasting

Whether you’re at a wine club in Buenos Aires or on a vineyard in the Rosario Valley, we believe expert insights make all the difference. For that reason, we have sought out the finest sommeliers and grape experts in South America. Like our seasoned pisqueros in Peru, these expert sommeliers possess the rare ability to detect anything and everything through taste, and introduce you to the delicate expressions of the different varieties of wine in a sophisticated and intriguing manner. These wine tasting experiences are not confined to wine country by any means. We have an extensive network of connections throughout Argentina and Chile and can arrange top-notch wine tasting experiences in Buenos Aires and throughout Patagonia.

Some of our favorite wine related experiences

  • Wine tasting with Sorrel Moseley in the Palermo District
  • Wine Tasting at La Cava del Querandí
  • Wine Safari in Mendoza and the Uco Valley