Custom-Tailored Travel

While some people love meeting other travelers and sharing the experiences involved in our Small Group Tours, others may be more independent and prefer to travel privately or only with a select group of friends or family. Perhaps it’s just you and your significant other looking for a romantic honeymoon escape, or maybe you have a group of old friends looking to share the experience of a lifetime together. Whatever it may be, handcrafted private travel itineraries are our specialty.

How to Travel Privately

There are two ways to travel privately with us:

  1. Reserve one of our acclaimed Small Group Tours and charter the departure for your private group.
  2. Have us build a private, custom tour for you and your companions.

Privately Chartered Departures vs. Custom Trips

Privately Chartered Departures

This is a great option if you and your companions want to privately enjoy the exclusive experiences offered on our Small Group Tours that require a group to be financially feasible, such as hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with Peter Frost or enjoying a privately catered picnic lunch beside a rural Andean lake catered by the top restaurant in Cusco.

On each of our Small Group departures, we already have the dates, lodges, guides, and details setup, all you have to do is provide the people. For example, our Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley Small Group Tour already has five-star accommodations reserved and world-renowned trip experts lined up on specific dates, all you have to do is stake your claim to the departure before others sign up. We only plan a handful of Small Group Tours per year, so it is always best to plan well in advance if you would like to privately charter a tour.

We offer tiered discounts and incentives for group departures so you can experience the wonders of South America without breaking the bank.

Incentives & Discounts

  • Organize Ten, You Go Free: If you can organize ten people for a Small Group Tour, you can join them for free!
  • Referral Credits: Refer friends and family members and you will earn a $200 future trip credit for every referral that books a trip with Paragon Expeditions.
  • First Time Travelers: First time travelers save $100 off any Small Group Tour. This offer is extended towards any and all first time travelers regardless of your family size.
  • Book Your Next Trip: If you book your next trip with Paragon Expeditions within a month of returning, you will save 10% on that booking.

Custom Tours

A custom tour is your dream trip. Our personable team of travel experts will take care of the logistics and work diligently with you to create a tailor-made luxury trip of a lifetime.

We can organize trips to the most off-the-beaten path destinations. Whether you want to fly-fish for Chinook salmon on a remote Patagonian stream, explore the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, or gaze at Torres del Paine’s majestic peaks from a private yurt at South America’s first luxury eco-camp, we can make your dream trip come true. We love getting to know our guests, and we will go to great lengths to make sure that your experience abroad is extraordinary.

Feel free to challenge us with a wild idea or a trip to a remote destination. We make the process easy. You just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.

Common Questions

Are Custom Tours more expensive than Small Group Tours?

Not necessarily. Private, custom trips are designed based on the level of accommodations, group size, and exclusivity of the experiences you request and can be very cost-effective. Custom trips revolve entirely around your desires and that includes your desired budget. If you let us know your budget beforehand, we can discuss the possibilities with you to see how we can maximize the experience within your price range.

Where do you offer Custom Tours?

While we are Peru and Patagonia luxury travel specialists, we can handcraft custom journeys to other destinations in Latin America as well. We have explored just about every country between the border in Matamoros and tip of Tierra del Fuego, and our team has an in-depth knowledge of the travel possibilities throughout this incredible region. While we could probably create a custom tour for you just about anywhere in the Americas, our expertise is most useful in the Andean realm—a vast and beautiful region overflowing with world-class travel experiences. For a more in-depth look at the countries where we offer Private Travel, see this post regarding Custom Travel Destinations to the Andean Region.

How do I plan my custom trip?

If you already have a pretty good idea what you’re looking for, you can make a Private Travel Request and one of our experts will contact you directly.

If you’re not exactly sure what you have in mind but you want to travel to South America, call us at 1 888-996-3558, and we’ll further explain the possibilities and help get the process started for you or we can call you directly if you let us know the best time to call.

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