Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco (CTTC)

Project Goal: To support local artisans and help preserve the dying art of traditional Andean weaving.

Birthed by our very own trip expert Nilda Callañaupa, the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco was created in order to preserve and promote pre-Columbian culture by teaching the unique weaving styles that can be found throughout the Cusco region. Since 1996, the CTTC has partnered with nine communities in this region to stimulate local economies; thus ensuring regional stability through this ancient art form and skill (dating back as far as 500AD).

The CTTC has been instrumental in generating employment and preventing the exodus of a generation of young people from the region to larger cities far away, something that had plagued the area in years past. Learning the ancient art of weaving not only equips indigenous communities with gainful employment and security, but it roots the people back into their beautiful Andean history and their deep connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth). Beyond weaving, the CTTC has focused on creating oral history projects for schools to promote pride in their Inca heritage.

Help Nilda and the CTTC Preserve the Dying Art of Traditional Andean Weaving

Paragon Expeditions will be partnering with Nilda and the CTTC to continue this crucial mission in the Cusco region. On each of our Peru Expeditions, travelers will have the opportunity to personally meet Nilda and visit the weaving cooperative in Chinchero.