Huerta Niño

Though Argentina is a fertile country with more than 37 million inhabitants producing food for more millions of people, more than 50% of Argentina’s provinces still struggle with child hunger and malnutrition.

Building Community Gardens

The Huerto Niño Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Buenos Aires that was formed to provide an effective and sustainable solution to these issues and help mitigate child malnutrition throughout Argentina. Rather than providing food stamps and handouts to needy rural inhabitants, the Huerta Niño Foundation builds half-hectare vegetable gardens and greenhouses at primary schools in impoverished areas.

Teaching Children Self-Sustainability

The goal is to not only provide food for poor local children, but to also demonstrate to the people within these communities how they can begin producing their own food. By developing an intimate knowledge of vegetable cultivation and self-sustainability at an early age, children can adopt a healthier diet and improve their overall standard of living.

Get Involved

Paragon Expeditions proudly supports the Huerta Niño foundation in their initiative to teach children about the importance of sustainability and build community gardens in Buenos Aires and greater Argentina. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer during your time in Argentina and help contribute to the construction of a community garden that will better the lives of impoverished youths for years to come.