The Q’eros Music Documentary

Project Goal: To help preserve the ancient traditions of the Q’eros nations and ultimately protect indigenous cultures worldwide.

The Q’eros Quechua community is renowned for its traditional music, weaving, and spiritual rituals; customs that many other Andean communities have long since abandoned. In an effort to educate the greater public about the unique traditions of Peru’s “Last Inca” community, PhD Ethnomusicologist and Paragon Expeditions Tour Leader Holly Wissler spearheaded a DVD that documents Q’eros musical and spiritual rituals and brings to light their centuries-old ways of life.

Preserve Ancient Traditions

Guests who book Peru travel that includes an experience with Holly and the Q’eros are sent a copy of Kusisqa Waqashayku (“From Grief and Joy We Sing”). Holly’s Q’eros Music DVD highlights the musical traditions of the Hatun Q’eros, the largest and most remote of the Q’eros’ communities.The proceeds from the documentary support Holly in her effort to protect and preserve ancient Q’eros traditions and ultimately promote respect for indigenous cultures worldwide.

Meet the Q’eros

On select Peru Expeditions, guests have the rare and exclusive opportunity to meet and learn from Holly Wissler and a couple from Q’eros–Peru’s most isolated and traditional mountain community.