Willka Yachay

Empower the next generation of Q’eros and help promote sustainable modernity.

Willka Yachay

Established by our friend Hannah Rae, Willka Yachay is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping indigenous communities thrive in the modern world, specifically the Q’eros communities of southern Peru. Together with the Q’eros, Hannah Rae and Willka Yachay helps build and sustain schools; implement solar programs, establish weaving cooperatives, and implement other cultural preservation projects that provide food security, medical facilities, and mother and infant care in Q’eros.

Q’eros Community

Widely regarded as the most traditional people in the entire region, the Q’eros Quechua communities have managed to maintain traditional music, weaving, and spiritual customs that other Andean communities have long since abandoned. Even though a new highway has recently arrived in Q’eros, their ancient traditions continue to resonate through their dress, music, textiles, and other aspects of their personal lives.

While the Q’ero way of life is both beautiful and extraordinary, life is tough at 14,000 ft. in the rural mountains east of Cusco. Many Q’ero inhabitants lack access to clean water, healthcare, food security, electricity and education. Due to the challenges of continuing their ancient ways of life, many Q’eros inhabitants have migrated to Cusco, only to encounter greater adversities upon arrival in the city.

Support the Q’eros

After meeting our dear friend and guest lecturer Holly Wissler while studying abroad in Cusco, Hannah Rae visited Q’eros and absolutely fell in love with the people. Her experiences in Q’eros had such a profound impact that she decided to create Willka Yachay, a nonprofit exclusively dedicated to supporting the Q’eros and helping the community thrive despite the immense challenge of continuing their ancient traditions in a rapidly changing modern world.students.

If you believe this is a worthy cause as we do and want to make a contribution to Willka Yachay’s students, projects, and programs in the Q’eros communities, you can make a tax deductible donation online at http://www.willkayachay.org/projects#donate. All donations are tax deductible and processed through Willka Yachay’s fiscal sponsor, Wiraqocha Foundation, a U.S. 501(c)(3).

If you would like to learn more about Q’eros or ways you can tie in a unique experience with Willka Yachay on your next Peru Expedition, please reach out to info@paragonexpeditions.com for more information.