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Patagonia Travel Experts

Aug 7, 2015

Peru & Patagonia Showcase at Departure Lounge

The Paragon team gathered last Saturday for a Peru & Patagonia Experiential Travel Showcase at Departure Lounge in downtown Austin, Texas. Peru & Patagonia Showcase Despite the summer heat, there was a great turnout for the event. Several dozen Austinites and travel enthusiasts came out to meet the Paragon team and... Read More ›

Nov 2, 2014

Paragon Expeditions Attends Dallas Travel Show

Patagonia and Peru Travel Experts Attend Dallas Travel Show Last weekend, the Paragon Expeditions team cruised up I-35 from Austin to the 2014 Dallas Travel and Adventure Show to spread the beauty of South America across Dallas! This marked the first year that Paragon Expeditions has attended the Travel and... Read More ›