Adventure Domes Ecocamp

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Eco Domes Patagonia

Set on a serene stretch of land on the outskirts of El Calafate, the latest Eco Domes Patagonia has to offer presents guests with a unique lodging experience in yurt-like domes overlooking Lago Argentino and Perito Moreno Glacier in the distance. This rustic and ecologically friendly retreat is only 34km from El Calafate, although it is a remarkably wild area considering its close proximity to town. This wild peninsula is covered with virgin forests and the estancia is still occupied by the original settlers of the area.

Real Patagonian Adventure

Adventure Domes Ecocamp offers a real Patagonian adventure in harmony with nature. Here, nature-lovers and hiking gurus can explore untarnished Patagonian wilderness on surrounding trails, embark on a Perito Moreno ice-trekking adventure, and spend evenings at an open-air campfire sharing fine wine with fellow adventurers and enjoying some of the best stargazing in Patagonia. Shooting stars are common and puma sightings aren’t out of the equation. For adventurous travelers exploring Argentina’s wild southern Patagonian region, Adventure Domes EcoCamp in El Calafate is truly a Patagonia eco camp experience like no other!