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El Mercado Tunqui – Cusco

Recently opened in 2013, this elegant yet down to earth property is situated a mere three blocks from Cusco’s famous Plaza de Armas and is built on the site of a former Inca market. Just as the countryside’s best produce is brought to the markets in Cusco, El Mercado Tunqui brings the apus—the spirit of the mountains—to the heart of the former Inca capital. With eye-catching architecture, exceptional service, and warm Peruvian hospitality, El Mercado Tunqui is undoubtedly one of the most unique Cusco lodges.

Mountain Lodges of Peru

Owned and operated by Mountain Lodges of Peru, their new Cusco lodge brings something unique and different to Cusco’s hotel scene. With clean private rooms and a beautiful central courtyard, El Mercado Tunqui represents a blend between a traditional Andean market and a Peruvian luxury hotel. The result is a unique and extraordinary boutique hotel with a positive energy and a pleasant atmosphere.

Great Service and Peruvian Hospitality

Like all other properties run by Mountain Lodges of Peru, El Mercado Tunqui offers guests superb service and embracing Peruvian hospitality. Guests that stay at this distinct Cusco lodge can expect a warm, jovial hotel staff that is wholeheartedly dedicated to making your hotel stay memorable. Fresh coffee and coca tea are always available to guests in the main courtyard, and the breakfasts at El Mercado Tunqui offer guests an extraordinary selection of fresh fruits and juices from the Amazon and surrounding Andean region.

Authentic Cusqueñan Rooms

El Mercado Tunqui features superior rooms, junior suites, and suites. Each of the rooms boasts authentic Cusqueñan decor with luxurious marble countertops in the private bathrooms. With fresh, new cotton sheets and high-end mattresses, El Mercado Tunqui has some of the most comfortable beds in Cusco. El Mercado Tunqui is perhaps the best value hotel in Cusco. Guests are often pleased to find a Cusco lodge with great location that doesn’t leave your wallet empty when you check out.

For travelers looking for an affordable Cusco lodge with good atmosphere, we strongly recommend Mountain Lodges of Peru’s extraordinary new property, El Mercado Tunqui.