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Patagonia Relais and Châteaux Boutique

Constructed with the beauty of relaxation and simplicity in mind, this exclusive Patagonia Relais and Châteaux boutique is set on a quiet stretch of La Anita Valley between El Calafate and Perito Moreno. Balancing modern luxury with antiquity, this country lodge features posh contemporary amenities while maintaining the spacious and comfortable feel of the ancient Patagonian estancias. Offering 17 plush suites with scenic views, an indoor pool and sauna, and exquisite regional cuisine, Eolo presents guests with a luxury experience that exceeds anything you will find in Santa Cruz.

Patagonia’s Spirit

Built on the slopes of Cerro Frías on a sprawling estancia, the lodge was designed to recreate the atmosphere of the early Patagonian pioneers and introduces guests to the beauty of the steppe, rightfully earning its title as one of the unique lodges of the world. The walls throughout the hotel are adorned with indigenous handicrafts and textiles, primarily Tehuelche and Mapuche, as well as a few beautifully crafted ponchos from the Salta region.

All-Inclusive Luxury Experience

Eolo provides visitors with an all-inclusive luxury experience, and everything other than alcoholic beverages is included with your stay. The restaurant offers some of the best food you will find in Patagonia, ranging from traditional lamb patagónica to Patagonian toothfish (Chilean seabass) purchased fresh in nearby Punta Arenas. Prior to dinner, we recommend ordering a stout cocktail of your choice from the old English style bar, and stepping out on the patio for beautiful views of Lago Argentino at sunset. Water at the hotel is freshly sourced from a local spring located at the top of Cerro Frias Mountain. From the lodge, you can see the spring towards the top of the mountain marked by a distinct outcropping of trees.

Eolo has several mountain bikes available for guests to use as well as local hikes on the estancia. One of our favorite activities arranged through the lodge is the horseback-riding excursion on Cerro Frias. On the mountain, you are likely to encounter the resident herd of guanacos and other wildlife. On a clear day from this unique vantage point, you can see the towers of Chile’s Paine massif rising magnificently in the distance. While the adventures on the estancia are nice, many guests venture out to Perito Moreno or another one of the extraordinary Patagonian sites nearby. For these excursions, the staff at the lodge prepares guests a delicious box lunch featuring a sandwich, snacks, fruits, and a dessert.

Guests seeking relaxation at this Relais and Chateaux property may choose to utilize one of the two in-house spas or visit the indoor pool. In the main lounge, there are spyglasses and telescopes, an extensive map and book collection, and expansive glass windows that offer panoramic views of the steppe, surrounding mountains, and Lago Argentino.

With top-notch staff, an outstanding restaurant, and great location between El Calafate and Perito Moreno, Eolo is undoubtedly one of the best luxury lodges in Argentine Patagonia.