Legado Mitico

legado mitico palermo luxury boutique hotel

Legado Mitico – 5-Star Palermo Boutique Hotel

Upscale yet informal, the award-winning Legado Mitico is a refined retreat where relaxing by the fire is about as strenuous as it gets.

Situated on a quiet block of the bustling Palermo Soho neighborhood, this unique, socially responsible boutique hotel is the perfect introduction to stylish and cosmopolitan Buenos Aires; the so-called Paris of South America. The design and décor pays homage to Argentina’s heroic heritage, and each luxurious room bears the mark of a mythical Argentine historical figure, ranging from Jorge Luis Borges and Che Guevara to Eva Perón.

There are 11 rooms total at this Palermo luxury boutique hotel with three standards of rooms. Travelers are advised to make reservations well in advance because Legado Mitico is one of the best hotel options in Buenos Aires and is frequently full.

For guests traveling as a family or as part of a small, private group, we recommend the nearby Casa Mítica. Owned and operated by Legado Mitico, this four-bedroom house offers privacy without sacrificing the amenities of a 5-star bed and breakfast. This is the perfect option for guests that are seeking to cook their own meals but still enjoy the service of a private maid.

Travelers that are using Buenos Aires as their hub city en route to Patagonia or elsewhere in Argentine ought to consider spending a few nights at Legado Mitico for the first part of their trip to get a feel for the bohemian Palermo Soho district. Then, when they return to Buenos Aires they can stay at Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt or another luxury hotel in the Recoleta district. This way you experience two interesting yet very unique neighborhoods within Buenos Aires.