Palacio Manco Capac by Ananay

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Palacio Manco Capac exteriores (3)
palacio manco capac exterior
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Inca Boutique Hotel

Perched on the ancient slopes of San Cristobal Hill, Palacio Manco Capac Hotel offers guests an exclusive opportunity to stay at the former palace of the legendary founder of the Inca Empire, Manco Capac. Situated on a beautiful hillside property in the outskirts of town, this one-of-a-kind Inca boutique hotel establishes an authentic Cuzqueño experience of tranquility that is unrivaled among any other boutique hotel in this former Inca city.

Authentic Luxury

Framed by ancient Inca walls and adorned with an intricate selection of Andean-inspired artwork, this historic republican country house has been tastefully renovated and now represents one of Ananay Hotels’ two exclusive boutiques in Cusco. Like Ananay’s other boutique property, Quinta San Blas, Palacio Manco Capac delivers an authentic luxury experience by presenting a historically and geographically interesting setting with a dedicated hotel staff that is welcoming, genuine, and passionately devoted to its guests. The result is a distinctively Peruvian hotel stay that both educates and inspires its guests.

Palacio Manco Capac Suites

The interior of the hotel features five different rooms, each of which is equipped with its own unique layout and furnishings. Guests may choose between three Garden View Suites, the Balcony Suite, or the Manco Capac Suite. Each of these luxurious suites offers a private patio where guests may relax and enjoy the refreshing aromas of eucalyptus and heirloom herbs from the organic garden.

Unrivaled Tranquility with Ananay

With only five rooms total and a quiet setting in a Eucalyptus forest, Palacio Manco offers unparalleled  tranquility.