Second Home

Second Home Balcony with Sculpture
Second Home Pool
second home lima boutique backyard
victor delfin studio second home lima
Second Home Bull Sculpture
Second Home Lima Sunset Pacific Ocean
View of Second Home Building from Backyard
Sculptures Overlooking Pacific Ocean Second Home Peru
Second Home Victor Delfin’s Studio
Second Home Inside Stairs
Pacific Ocean View Second Home Lima Peru
Second Home Oceanview Bedroom
Second Home Living Room Oceanview
Second Home Back Porch
Second Home Arts-boutique Hotel Lima
Victor Delfin’s Horse Sculpture Second Home Barranco
Second Home Outside Dining
Barranco District Sunset Second Home
Victor Delfin’s Second Home Balcony
Lima Peru Art Sculptures

Barranco Boutique

Located in the heart of the artsy, seaside Barranco neighborhood, this unique Barranco boutique hotel is located on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Once home to the famous Peruvian sculptor Victor Delfin, Second Home in Lima offers guests an intimate, artistic, and imaginative stay in a beautifully landscaped mansion adorned with a hand-selected assortment of Delfin’s Bohemian-style sculptures and paintings. Second Home is now owned and operated by Victor Delfin’s daughter.

Victor Delfin

This boutique hotel in the Barranco neighborhood is unlike any other lodging experience in the area. Second Home provides a studio of Victor Delfin’s best artwork. Victor is still alive, and many visitors receive the opportunity to meet him while staying at the Second Home boutique Hotel. The mansion has many windows with an ocean view and unique bohemian style artwork everywhere.

Seaside Mansion

The mansion has eight rooms to choose from, each one has different furniture and location view. Every guest of the hotel is assured 100% non-smoking in every room, high-speed internet access, outdoor complimentary breakfast overlooking the pacific every morning 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM, in-room safes, wake-up calls, Cable TV, taxi service, as well as an electrical radiator heater in every room. Each room in the mansion is equipped with a variety of bohemian style artwork, landscaping, and sculptures.

The options for choosing a room are based on the size, window view, and style of the room. The names of the rooms are as follows: garden view room, ocean view room, ocean view & shared terrace, ocean view from shared terrace, suite / non-ocean view, Mirador 01, mirador 02, and finally mirador 03. Each room is glorified in their own way with Peruvian artwork, luxurious views of the pacific ocean, and exquisite furniture.

Exclusive Location

The barranco district has some of the best waves in South America to surf and they have top of the line yacht club services. It is a must to take a walk down to the beach via the Bajada de los Banos. This walkway is lined with romantic houses with vibrant bright colors, an abundance of flowers, peruvian landscaping, and wildlife. The sunny weather, peruvian artwork, and overall natural beauty make the Barranco neighborhood an exclusive location in Peru.

The enjoyable weather in Lima, Peru allows many people in the area to enjoy outdoor activities. If one does not enjoy being outside, there are plenty of other options to make the most out of the vacation.The town is filled with restaurants, bars, night-clubs and museums. It is a must to visit the famous Ayahuasca bar and enjoy this signature drink. Barranco District takes great pride in keeping the city beautiful in order to savor the Bohemia tradition. It is a much more artsy scene which brings along a romantic feeling. Second Home is the perfect stay for individuals seeking tranquility, quality family-owned service, romance, world-class artwork, and breath-taking environment.