Tierra Chiloe

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Williche Boat Tierra Chiloe
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Tierra Chiloe – All-Inclusive Patagonia Luxury Lodge

Those who are fond of off-the-beaten-path hotels, authentic local experiences, and amazing fresh seafood will love Tierra Chiloe. Formerly known as Refugia Lodge, Tierra Chiloe recently became the latest luxury property to join Tierra’s elite collection of Chilean luxury lodges. Like Tierra Patagonia and Tierra Atacama, Tierra Chiloe features a unique, eco-conscious architecture designed to capture the essence of the local area and flow with the surrounding natural elements. The luxury rooms at the hotel are all ocean-view and oriented towards the water. Upon arrival, each guest is given a handmade pair of slippers made by a local artisan on a nearby island (just one of the many cool ways Tierra Chiloe is helping to give back to the local community).

Located on an isolated northern Patagonian island, to access this unique all-inclusive Patagonia luxury lodge, guests must take a ferry from the mainland near Puerto Montt and continue for an additional two and half hours. After passing through the small local town of Castro, you follow a labyrinth of rural dirt roads towards Tierra Chiloe, winding through small, lush-green rural farms dotted with cozy cottages and native fruit trees. The hotel building itself is set on the top of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and small surrounding islands.

While the setting of the lodge is gorgeous, the true attraction at this Patagonian all-inclusive lodge is the Williche, a custom-built, wooden luxury yacht inspired by old-tyme Chilean fishing boats. The Williche was specifically designed for the hotel to take guests out on daily expeditions to surrounding islands, villages, historic sites, and seafood farms. This two-deck cruiser features a beautiful main cabin, a classic steering wheel, and an on-deck kitchen where the jovial staff will prepare the fresh crabs and mussels that you harvest on your northern Patagonian excursion. The Williche also hauls kayaks, fishing rods, and other equipment on the roof so that you may partake in various adventure activities in the unique areas that you visit.

During the evening, guests at Tierra Chiloe gather around with a cold beverage from the bar to discuss the excursion possibilities for the following day. In addition to the expeditions aboard the Williche, there are also hiking and horseback riding excursions offered to guests. Perhaps the most intriguing trekking option is the hike through Chiloé National Park, which is nicknamed the Pacific Crest Trail of Patagonia due to its striking resemblance to the Pacific Northwest.