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Tierra Patagonia – Hotel of the Wind

Designed to blend with the native environment, Tierra Patagonia captures the elements of Patagonia that the early pioneers once discovered. Constructed primarily of local lenga wood and camouflaged into the Patagonian steppe, this extraordinary all-inclusive Patagonian luxury hotel is truly a masterpiece in the art of ecological hotel design, rightfully earning its title as one of the unique hotels of the world.

Oriented towards Lago Sarmiento and the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, the hotel restaurant and lounge area features huge, glass windows that offer panoramic views of Lago Sarmiento and the horns and towers of the Paine Massif. Known as the “Hotel of the Wind,” those who stay at Tierra Patagonia truly feel as if they immersed in this harsh, inhospitable, and unfathomably extraordinary natural area. The view of the sun lighting the mountains at breakfast is surreal, and the orange-tinged towers of the Paine massif surely rank among the most beautiful sights in the world.

The motif of the early Patagonian explorer is prevalent throughout this extraordinary Torres del Paine retreat. The hallways are adorned with a series of dioramas explaining the history of Patagonia, ranging from the original Tehuelche nomads to the later explorations of Francisco Magellan and Charles Darwin. The hand-carved canoes in the courtyard and the extraordinary wooden ship hanging from the ceiling pay homage to the indigenous groups that once explored this wild region on these small, native crafts.

Like the main lobby, restaurant and bar area, all of the rooms at Tierra Patagonia feature glass windows that offer expansive views of the lake and the Paine massif. Through the window in the bathroom, guests can see the steppe and view the mountains on clear days.

The award-winning Unu Spa is renowned as one of the best in Chile. Here guests may utilize the sauna, steam room, outdoor hot-tub, or the heated indoor pool at any time. There are also an assortment of massages and treatments available for an additional price.

As part of the all-inclusive Tierra experience, guests may grab the beverage of their choice and meet with the lodge’s expert local guides every evening prior to dinner to sign up for an excursion the following day. The guides at Tierra Patagonia are some of the best in Torres del Paine National Park, and these experiences range from the mystical trek to the towers to horseback riding excursions beneath the massif.

With an incredible hotel concept, top-notch food, and a unique location on the outskirts of Torres del Paine National Park, Tierra Patagonia is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary all-inclusive hotel experiences in all of South America.