Fernando Mayoral

Fueled by an insatiable passion for the culinary arts, Fernando Mayoral has been a chef since his teenage years and has cooked in some of the world’s premiere restaurants including the three-starred Michel Bras in France and Rubicom in California (owned by Robert De Niro). He then returned to Buenos Aires to open the widely acclaimed Thymus Restaurant.

Cooking Classes in a Real Argentine Home

Disillusioned with the bureaucracy of restauranteering in Argentina, Fernando now prefers to share his wealth of gastronomic knowledge in a more intimate manner – through private cooking demonstrations and culinary classes. Upon special request, we can arrange a private cooking demonstration and dinner with Fernando at his Villa Crespo House. This is a modern, creative Argentine culinary experience in a real Argentine home. A truly great option for foodies and winos who are intrigued by Buenos Aires’ gastronomic scene.