expert peter frost guiding machu picchu

Peter Frost

Cusco’s Go-To Guide

Peter Frost, has been a preeminent writer, photographer, and independent scholar in Peru since the 1970’s, authoring multiple books about the country and co-founding South American Explorers, a nonprofit travel, scientific, and educational organization. Peter Frost currently resides in Cusco and continues to build upon his Peruvian photography portfolio, author new books – including the highly anticipated Exploring Cusco 6th Edition – and host guest lectures at surrounding archaeological sites for a select few tour groups.

Exploratory Expeditions in Peru

When Peter is not lecturing curious travelers on the significance of various Inca sites or authoring new books, he is out in the mountains discovering more about pre-Inca and Inca history. Peter has led multiple National Geographic Society-sponsored expeditions. One of Peter’s greatest achievements was discovering the pre-Inca site of Qoriwayrachina (“where wind was used to refine gold”) in 2001. More recently, Peter led an exploratory expedition deep into the mountainous Vilcabamba region to unravel the mysteries of the Choquequirao Inca archaeological site. In 2016, Peter organized and secured the necessary permits for the Wiracochan Archaeological Project, which represents his fifth organized Vilcabamba expedition. While previous collaborations were more exploratory and observational in nature, the Wiracochan Archaeological Project involved more intensive excavating, mapping and archaeological work to gain a deeper understanding of previously discovered pre-Columbian archaeological sites in the region.

Meet Peter Frost on Select Peru Expeditions

On select Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Expeditions, Peter leads a hike on the Inca Trail from KM104 to Machu Picchu, dines with the group in Aguas Calientes, and then provides a privately guided tour of Machu Picchu the following morning. This is a rare and exclusive opportunity to explore Machu Picchu and gain privileged insight into Peruvian history and culture from one of the premiere guides in Peru.

Private Experiences with Peru Experts

Upon special request, we may be able to arrange a custom-tailored private travel experience with Peter Frost or another Peru expert. These possibilities range from Inca history lectures at your hotel in the Sacred Valley to privately guided treks to Huchuy Qosqo or other intriguing Inca archaeological sites. Please bear in mind that Peter is very busy and highly sought after for such requests, so it is necessary to make arrangements well in advance and is contigent upon Peter’s availability. In the event Peter is unavailable, we can recommend another special, inside-access experience with Holly Wissler or another Peruvian culture and history specialist.